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  Indian women have associated their relations and emotions in the form of jewellery since a long time. Tanmaniya like Mangalsutra plays a very significant role in any woman's life. It signifies their marital commitment and how much they value it. Tanamaniya made of gold with brilliant design can play a very pleasing role in your dressing and personality. Tanmaniya made of Gold not only signifies how much you value your relationship but also make you glow. However, it is very difficult to find a Tanamaniya Design that matches your taste.  At Gitanjali Jewels, we have brought Tanmaniya from Top notch Indian brands at one place. You can dive into the huge never ending collection of Gold Tanmaniya and make it all yours. You can shop from the comfort of your home through us.

  We have taken every effort to make your shopping experience smooth and memorable. You can select your favourite design and read everything about it. The jewellery will be delivered to your doorstep within few days from the date of purchase. We only sell 100% authentic and original jewellery only. Every jewellery you buy from us comes with a certificate of authentication certifying the authenticity of Jewellery. The certification is provided by a third party laboratory so that you can have a fearless shopping. Every design will help you to stand out ad dictate a trend of fashion. The extra fine finish and the latest technology used in the manufacturing of the jewellery will help you to stand out easily. Tanmaniya will help you to steal every occasion you wear at. It will help you to step out with confidence and face the world with your own charm. We know how much you value your Tanmaniya and hence we take utmost care during the delivery of jewellery to protect it from all the possible damage. Take benefit of all our offers on Gold Tanmaniya and make it yours at the best price.