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  Mangalsutra is a sign of sacred bonding and commitment. It is the jewellery that signifies the serenity and purity of bonding the couple share. Mangalsutra is not a normal jewellery, but much more than that. Adding Diamonds to the Mangalsutra is the right way to signify your beautiful relationship. The studded Diamond blends with the personality. It not only says a lot about your relationship but adds glow and radiance to your personality. Flaunt your relation and beautify your look all at once. Mangalsutra with the embellishment of stunning diamonds become more graceful and pure. Diamond adds the spark of purity in this neck piece that makes it more worthy to believe. 

  At Gitanjali Jewels, we understand that Mangalsutra is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience to find the right jewellery for your unique relationship. We have put our years of expertise together into designing a better way of jewellery shopping. You can shop the jewellery from the comfort of your home. Dive in the pool of choices and get what fits you the best. Feel the pride of owning the right Mangalsutra by buying it instantly or by opting for Cash on Delivery. We bring to you the best designs from the top brands on our platform. Get the experience of shopping from various brands through us. We have some of the exclusive designs of Mangalsutra from brands like Gili, Nakshatra, Asmi and many more.

  You can shop from our website without worrying about the authenticity of the jewellery. Every jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees the originality of the jewellery. Only 100% original and certified jewellery is sold on the website. Feel free to take the benefit of having unbelievable offers and make your wedding an exceptional experience. The versatility offered by the range of options present on the website will help you to make others dazzle on your wedding day.